Senin, 09 April 2012


The formulation of the rubber compounds was as follows: 100 phr rubber blended (NR : reclaimed rubber ; 100:0, 70:30 and 40:60 by weight), 60 phr carbon black, 5.0 phr zinc oxide (ZnO), 2.0 phr stearic acid, 0.5 phr mercaptobenzthiazole (MBT), 0.2 phr diphenylguanidine (DPG), and 3.0 phr sulfur. In the mastication step, the natural rubber was masticated on a laboratory two-roll mill for 5 min and was then blended with the tiretrade reclaimed rubber for another 5 minutes. In the compounding step, the rubber and filler were compounded with prepared vulcanization chemicals on the two-roll mill for another 10 min, and the compounds were then kept at 25oC at 50% humidity before further use.

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