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Company Profile



Jl. Raya Karanggan Km1, Puspasari, Citeureup, Bogor. 16810

Phone : 062-021.87907782 Mobile Phone : 08170447832 / 085217132047

Fax : 021.8755400 Email : dgchem06@yahoo.co.id dgchem06gmail.com

Website http://cv-daya.blogspot.com

1.Company Profile

DAYAGUNA is activities on base in the field of waste rubber as the sole holder of rubber powder and rubber reclaimed, aims and objectives Dayaguna.cv established is directly or indirectly help preserve the environment by small run an economy at a time by holding a small business partners in the manufacture of rubber seat, bucket rope, or strap chairs jog. The next impact is going to help provide quality of service production and production costs are reasonable and controlled to a large manufacturer Company thus gaining an increasingly strong competitiveness and simultaneously contribute to the reduction of unemployment. DAYAGUNA are founded and based in Bogor, and at the same time trying to join the campaign program of healthy living environment by contributing to reducing the risk of impact or exhaust emissions of smoke from the burning of waste rubber evoked. DAYAGUNA is an active company in the field of trade in particular "Reclaimed Rubber and Rubber Powder" was established since 1998, with travel and long experience in the field of waste tires create more confidence to better serve and work. The aim of achieving customer. DAYAGUNA business concept as suppliers' Reclaimed Rubber and Rubber Powder " is made ​​directly contributes to preserving the environment has the vision and mission that play a role in providing care and comfort to the general public about the impact of waste combustion, which in turn provide positive benefits on all parties.


Rubber Powder are the results of our maximum effort to offer the best quality and highest of crumb rubber. Useful for tires industries, automotive spare parts, shoes sole, rubber hoses and rubber industry has been using them a lot. Our based of raw material are production from truck and bus tires to convert a large size so that an adequate quality has got equality, we make rubber powder is the best and can be used in a number of industries.

Rubber Powder can be used as ingredients in products such as rubber tires, rubber boards, pipes, and overshoes. In addition, it can also be combined with others to ensure that products We can use in many different types of rubber industry. Products we've tested in laboratory testing as a basis to assure our customers that products exports standardized, does not contain harmful chemicals, which contain very little dust, clean, damp, and guaranteed continuity of supply, as well as safe, all we hold to be more better and more secure. It can also be used as an additive to improve the ductility of the material shrinkage and rubber. Finally, the rubber powder can serve as a vital ingredient for the construction industry to make products more shock resistant and waterproof.

Grades of Rubber Powder

  • DGRP-20M
  • DGRP-30M
  • DGRP-40M
  • DGRP-60M

Grades of Reclaimed Rubber

- Super Quality

- Premium Quality


Rubber Powder is produced only from the tread surface of a truck or bus. In the initial stages, gum goes through sophisticated separation and purification process to be free of all contaminants. In the next phase is the packing is necessary in order products remain in excellent condition, no damp, and so on. Finally, is to ensure that the manufacturing process in the service of the specified product specifications.

Production Capacity

Total production capacity of approximately 400 MT / month, orders will be produced on demand by customers spec 20M, 30M, 40M and 60M for a while finer size can not serve.


Packaging unit double PE in 20kg/bag


Rubber Powder made from recycling of waste tire, this materials is growing importance for all the industries in the world. The automotive and transportation industries are the biggest consumers. Rubber powder from tires can be used for manufacturing tires, bicycle tire, retread tire, rubber spare part, fender, rubber hoses, However, the material recycling in form of rubber powder and reclaimed rubber widely applicable in practical rubber products. Recycled rubber finds applications in tires, hoses, belts and mats. Common tests for rubber products compounds are tensile, elongation, modulus and hardness.

However, special tests are required for very specific applications. For instance, ageing and heat build-up properties are a must for tire carcass compounds, and fire resistance for automotive hose. With the use of recycled rubber, these properties remain equally important. Rubber Powder can be used to overcome the surface of the calendared sheets. It helps in improving the air holes in the product, thus making them more utility. The Rubber Powder can also be used for providing durable and heat resistant.

How to Use

To better blend with the green rubber preferably through the process of mastication, with the following stages:

A. Add Peptizing agent as much as + / -0.2 - 0.5 phr in the kneader in temperature, rotation, and normal capacity.

B. Furthermore, after masticated forwarded to the open rubber mill by adding chemicals as directed by the specified time and cure.

C. Rubber compound using rubber powder necessary to add Surface modifiers the reason for using surface modifiers is to improve inter polymer compatibility, properties, processing characteristics, and mix consistency. Surface modifiers used for modifying recycled rubber due to Their ease of implementation and adhesive characteristics.

Virgin rubbers are high viscosity, and recycled rubbers are higher in viscosity and molecular weight. As a result, it is usually difficult to get good bonding and dispersion they needed a Surface modifiers to improve the compatibility of recycled rubber with virgin rubber.

Surface modifiers can be added to virgin compounds at application dependent levels during the mixings stage. The ultimate application of the compound will depend of type and mount of additive that needs to be used. Any manufacturing rubber compounds is a candidate to use these materials.

3. Business Strategy

DAYAGUNA is always trying to provide the best service, good quality, good service, on time delivery, competitive price and quality standards will be always maintained and control by R & D, so always existing centers of research centers such as Rubber Technology Testing Center (BPTK), Center for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) made ​​the basis that we are always committed to quality products.

4. Legal Company


TAX PAYER NUMBER OF COMPANIES : 01.908.458.1-436.000

PRIVATE NUMBER OF TAXPAYERS : 09.210.855.4-436.000

LETTER OF CONSENT OF TRADE : 01116./10-20/PK/P1/IX/2009

TAXABLE ENTREPRENEURS : 09.210.855.4-436.000

OFFICE ADDRESS : Jl. Karanggan Km1, Puspasari, Citeureup,

Bogor. 16810.

Phone Number : 021.8790.7782

Fax Number : 021.875.5400

Mobile phone : 08170447832 / 085217132047

EMAIL : dgchem06@yahoo.ci.id /dgchem06@gmail.com

WEBSITE : Website http://cvdayaguna.blogspot.com

enclosing copies

5. Bank Account

Name of Bank : BCA

Account Number : 572-0399905(IDR)

: 572-0490716(USD)

Bank Address : Jl. Mayor Oking Jaya Atmaja , Citeureup, Bogor.

Name of Bank : BRI

Account Number : 0531-01-000036-15-7

Address : Jl. Surya Kencana Bogor

Name of Bank : PERMATA

Account Number : 730-1036765 a/a WAGIMAN

Address : Jl.Raya Cibinong, Bogor

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